Share your organization’s integrity success story.

You have now measured, benchmarked and improved your integrity and want to share your progress with your shareholders and stakeholders. Let us communicate your success following a communication strategy. Furthermore, we will award you with an integrity certificate to use at your convenience for marketing purposes.

A top management member’s willingness to measure a company’s culture demonstrates the commitment to integrity and the willingness to listen and learn – leadership qualities that are attractive to shareholders, investors, customers, employees and the public.

If you want to make the most of the Integrity Index®, a targeted communication is indispensable.

We create and execute an elaborate communication strategy alongside your integrity efforts that draws in all important internal and external stakeholder groups and highlights your integrity success stories:

  • Development of strategic communication goals
  • Definition of target groups
  • Selection of communication channels
  • Development of a communication roadmap
  • Content creation (i.e. Reason Why, Success Stories, FAQs, Key Messages)

Share your progress

In a time, when integrity is more important than ever in the public eye, companies should strategically leverage their integrity capacity publicly and make use of the Integrity Index® certification as a promotionally effective signal to insiders and outsiders that your company adheres to the highest standards of integrity. Companies are also given the possibility of being listed in our Integrity Index® Rating.

Get in touch with our integrity advisors

Our committed integrity experts are happy to provide you with an individual solution.

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