Take actions to improve your organizational integrity.

Once organizational integrity has been measured, an improvement process can begin: If the status of an organization's own integrity efforts is known, an organization can initiate a planned and controlled improvement process. This process can be managed so that a targeted increase in the Integrity Index® score or Integrity Perception Workshop® result is aimed to be achieved with the next survey. However, the GOII also offers support with the entire integrity improvement process according to proven methodology to close the gaps, i.e. from measurement, identification of improvement potential to the implementation measures.

What exactly can the GOII support with?



Design of such an Integrity Improvement Process


Recommendations for action by using "Critical activities for next level - Analysis" (in order to present exactly those measures that would be required for specific X additional points), oriented on industry standards and best practices


Consensus development for the procedure (board presentations, alternatives etc.)


Setting up and moderating the specific dialogue in the organization


Implementation of specific Integrity Improvement Workshops in all departments up to a unique Integrity Improvement Tracking Tool and Project Management.

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