Compare your organizational integrity results: additional analyses.

The results of the Integrity Index® assessment and the Integrity Perception Workshop® provide a status quo of an organization’s integrity. Furthermore, it is possible to enrich this knowledge with additional analyses, either with individual dimensions or specific aspects of the Integrity Index®, or with the Integrity Perception Workshop®.

Specifically, the GOII supports through

one’s own results against the database is of significant importance as it makes comparison with other companies possible and leads to better understanding of one’s own position, while providing valuable information for a gap analysis.

Competitor analysis
helps our customers explore aspects in which their peers are strong and, thus, gain the possibility to align with and/ or exceed the competition. In this context, customers can inform themselves about industry trends, competitor profiles and SWOT analyses.

Cross-industry best practices
enable companies to understand which world-class best practices are most suitable for them in increasing their organizational integrity. This is how our customers benefit from the full picture of external organizations’ efforts.

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