Pre-assess your integrity and gain an indication where you stand.

Pre-assessments serve as an initial indication of an organization’s integrity status. A traffic light rating system or a deeper analysis of your Climate and Integrity Culture – one of the dimensions of the Integrity Index - allows you to gain insights into your organizational integrity. In addition, pre-assessments provide an indication of the need for a full Integrity Index assessment or the necessity for improvement measures.

Specifically, the GOII supports through:

Integrity Pre-Test

Pre-Test all measuring points of one dimension
(traffic light rating system, no numeric result)

Integrity Quick Check

Quick Check on all dimensions for a pre estimation 
(traffic light rating system, no numeric result)

Audit Integrity Culture

Assessment of all measuring points for Integrity Culture
(in-depth and with numeric result)

Your current integrity status can be reviewed by different types of pre-assessments

There are three types of pre-assessments available, all based on the Integrity Index® with its 5 dimensions. All pre-assessments can be conducted quickly on-site: The Integrity Pre-Test for individual dimensions, a comprehensive Integrity Quick Check, the result of which follows a traffic light principal as a pre-estimation of a complete assessment Check and the Audit Integrity Culture. The Audit Integrity Culture takes a closer look at the second dimension of the Integrity Index: “Climate and Integrity Culture”.

A culture of integrity and its communication about it enables the company to act with integrity while providing clear guidelines of how to behave and make decisions when faced with situations of risk. Taking the latter into consideration, and as required, this dimension of the Integrity Index® can be assessed to serve as a starting point for culture change or as a point of measurement to successfully reinforce the culture of integrity.

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