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Would you like to get to know us? We regularly participate in interesting events where we also give presentations on integrity in general and on our products. Maybe we will see you at one of our next upcoming events. 

ECI Impact (21.-23. April 2020)

Earlier this year, our client Volkswagen, represented by Hiltrud D. Werner, Board Member for Integrity & Legal Affairs, and Tobias Heine, Head of Together4Integrity, held a keynote speech at the annual ECI Impact event. They gave detailed insights into integrity management at Volkswagen. There, the Integrity Index® was surveyed and the Integrity Perception Workshops® were implemented. Due to the great interest of the audience in the presentation, a separate Q&A session was held a few weeks later, also with our founder and Managing Director Katja Nagel.

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Reykjavik Global Forum - Women Leaders 2020 (9.-11. November 2020)

Integrity Index and Public Value Atlas – how to measure soft values

  • Hiltrud D. Werner, Member of the Board of Management for Integrity and Legal Affairs, Volkswagen AG 
  • Dr. Patricia J. Harned, CEO of the Ethics & Compliance Initiative 
  • Dr. Katja Nagel, Managing Director of the GOII

talked on the Reykjavik Global Forum last November about how integrity can be measured and improved in a global company like Volkswagen. Hiltrud D. Werner introduced the topic and explained why integrity is so important for the long-term success of a company. Patricia Harned explained the 5 ECI principles, which provide a basic framework for Volkswagen's integrity management program. Katja Nagel went on to discuss the Integrity Index®, which she had developed together with her team, in collaboration with leading scientists and implemented for the first time at Volkswagen.

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Bundeskongress Compliance (17.-18. November 2020)

How can integrity and compliance be sustainably anchored in the corporate DNA?
Tobias Heine, Head of Together4Integrity at Volkswagen, addressed this question in his presentation at the “Bundeskongress Compliance” last November. By establishing a holistic integrity and compliance management system in the Volkswagen Group, the corporate culture was transformed. This was made possible, among other things, by the use of the Integrity Index®, which analyzes the current integrity status, enabling targeted improvement measures to be initiated and improvements to be tracked. The Integrity Perception Workshops® also aided the transformation at Volkswagen Group by measuring and understanding the employee’s perception on the topic of integrity. The GOII was an official sponsor of the event. The “Bundeskongress Compliance” is a yearly conference of integrity and compliance professionals in Germany.

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Atreus Digital Roundtable Leadership+ „Integrität und Führung“ (04. February 2021)

At a digital roundtable Atreus Partner Stefan Randak sat down with Katja Nagel, Managing Director of the GOII, to discuss the need for and benefits of integrity, as well as the associated challenges and success factors. The 210 participants of the event were invited to ask their questions during the session.
Atreus is the leading German company for interim management.  With a network of over 10,000 managers, Atreus solves difficult management tasks when a company lacks its own resources or experience, especially in transformation and transition situations.

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Deutsche Compliance Konferenz (04. May 2021)

How can Integrity Perception Workshops® support a worldwide Integrity & Compliance Engagement program as a central element?

Dr. Nadine Gröger, Head of T4I Concept, Tracking & Reporting at Volkswagen, and Dr. Katja Nagel, Managing Director of the GOII, addressed this question and discussed Volkswagen’s case in their keynote presentation at the “Deutsche Compliance Konferenz” in May. They both additionally participated in a panel discussion on the general role of a functioning integrity culture.

The GOII was also an official sponsor of the event. The “Deutsche Compliance Konferenz” is a yearly conference of integrity and compliance professionals in Germany.

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