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The GOII provides the strategic set-up, operational support, and general management of entire integrity management programs.

For many years, integrity was a decorative accessory of corporate compliance initiatives. Several years ago, and in the light of major scandals, compliance began to take center-stage. It became clearer than ever: An organization must know which rules, laws, and guidelines to follow. 

Today, in view of the many gray zones and the almost unmanageable number of individuals who must comply to rules and regulations, it is clear that something else may be needed, the other side of the coin, so to speak: Integrity as the culture of a company, which allows a firm to act according to common rules and values, spoken or unspoken.

Therefore, we offer a comprehensive range of services regarding Integrity Management. Starting with the complete establishment of an Integrity Management program, but also the strategic further development, optimization, and deeper anchoring of integrity in the company.

Integrity allows for new market opportunities, increases the value of a company, enhances its external appeal, and reduces the risk of errors and liability.

These 8 levers increase integrity in your organization, leading it to success

Ethical standards and principles should be clearly formulated at the highest level of a company because they provide orientation for action and make an expectation transparent. A common understanding and alignment of perspectives are needed. Only in this way can integrity be lived.

Integrity should be made a topic throughout the company because only continuous discussion ensures the presence of the topic in everyday work and a living culture of integrity. Only in this way can integrity inspire.

Empowering managers and employees is important so that they are prepared for uncertainties and critical situations. It also means raising awareness of integrity as a decisive decision-making criterion. Only in this way can integrity become a natural part of everyday working life.

Change Network
A change network should be established whose members are actively involved in the change. The network serves as an idea generator and driver of cultural change, and its members as contacts and role models. This is the only way to implement or maintain integrity in an organization.

Integrity should be anchored in processes as a strategic and operational control variable. For example, appropriate HR systems should reward correct behavior and eliminate incorrect incentives or targets. Only in this way can integrity provide security of action.

Effective integrity management requires a robust governance structure. Only in this way can integrity be deeply and sustainably anchored organizationally and consistently throughout the company.

Integrity management means project management: successful implementation of a clear plan on target, on time, on budget. Only in this way can initiatives not only get off to a powerful start, but also be successful in the long term.

Integrity should be communicated internally as a first step: This is the only way employees can understand integrity and act accordingly. If integrity is not just lip service, it is also advisable to start communicating it externally. This is the only way to position integrity with stakeholders and use it as a value driver.

The Integrity Management Portfolio

Our portfolio addresses all program points of your integrity program

We master the complete range of holistic Integrity Management across all hierarchical levels

We offer state-of-the-art tools and methodologies for all Integrity Management processes

We are experts in managing integrity programs

Why we are the right partner in Integrity Management

  1. We offer tailor-made consulting, work very closely with you and coordinate all important decisions with you.
  2. We are proven experts who offer a comprehensive and proven service package and a clear process model for integrity and compliance with our 8 levers.
  3. We develop concepts, work operationally with employees and managers and also implement all proposed measures, when required.
  4. We develop our ideas on site together with the internal team - always focusing on the success of the project.
  5. We are a valued cooperation partner for our customers as we share our knowledge and expertise with you and the team.
  6. We know how to deal with the challenges posed by a Monitor.
  7. We are available for you around the clock.
  8. We enjoy project work - and act as a partner at your side.

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