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Integrity is more important than ever, and decision-making based on values is fundamental to ensure success in the long term. The Global Organizational Integrity Institute supports organizations in improving their integrity. We help companies to set up a highly effective integrity program and provide operational support in the management of such. To existing programs we offer in-depth analyses, proven improvement measures and support with the entire integrity improvement process. We calculate the financial impact of integrity investments.

Time to act, time to step up – a better, more integrous business starts with the GOII.

Why is organizational integrity important and what role does the GOII play?

“Organizational integrity has come a long way: Once it was viewed merely as an accessory to compliance, now it is increasingly being recognized as a main driver for business value and success. The GOII credo is to help organizations understand where they stand today so that they are enabled to move in the right direction tomorrow. On that journey, we stand by their side in their daily business. In this mission, we do not settle for assumptions or hunches. We create facts.”

Dr. Katja Nagel,
Founder and Managing Director of the GOII

Our services and solutions

Integrity Management

We consult companies on establishing a highly effective integrity program and provide operational support on its management and effectiveness, from strategy development to communication.

Integrity Measurement

We offer in-depth analyses with tried and tested instruments, proven improvement measures and support with the implementation and monitoring of the effectiveness of the entire integrity improvement process.

Our Portfolio

Pre-Assess: Gain an indication where you stand

Pre-assessments serve as an initial indication of an organization’s integrity status.

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Measure: Get the evidence through facts

Innovative, holistic and comprehensive measurement of organizational integrity.

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Compare: Go further with additional analyses

Benchmarking and competitor analysis provide a context to the status quo of an organization's integrity.

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Improve: Take actions to improve

Once organizational integrity has been measured an improvement process can begin.

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Control: Monitor the change you created

Results are based on frameworks that allow for recurring measurements. These tools can be used repeatedly, and their results compared.

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Share: Share your progress

We execute a communication strategy alongside your change efforts to highlight your integrity success stories.

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Integrity Management

The GOII provides the strategic set-up, operational support, and general management of entire Integrity Management programs.

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Integrity Measurement

The GOII provides analyses and effective tools to measure and improve integrity.

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The GOII is backed by a strong network of partners - a network that also ensures a continuous and ongoing knowledge transfer. Together we provide our customers with scientifically based solutions that improve organizations' integrity.

Ethics and Compliance Initiative

The ECI is a best practice community of organizations that are committed to creating and sustaining high quality ethics and compliance programs. Both the Integrity Index® and the Integrity Perception Workshop® have been developed based on the ECI’s research and best practices. The GOII is a member of the ECI.


Institute of Business Ethics

The Institute of Business Ethics (ibe) was established in 1986 to promote high standards of business behavior based on ethical values.
We are a member of the ibe as we believe that knowledge transfer and best-practice sharing make a significant contribution to sustainably embedding and addressing integrity and compliance in organizations.

Volkswagen AG: Our clients' voices

The reasons for introducing the Integrity Index

“We want to set an example of integrity. Therefore, we anchored integrity in our corporate strategy. The Integrity Index makes integrity tangible and supports us to professionalize our efforts. It evaluates our company from a 360-degree angle. That’s why the Integrity Index is now an important KPI at Volkswagen.”

Hiltrud D. Werner,
Member of the Board of Management of Volkswagen AG, Functional Responsibility ‘Integrity and Legal Affairs’

How integrity is anchored throughout the Volkswagen Group

“The Integrity Index is the first instrument to quantify corporate integrity. It helped us to identify our needs for action and to initiate a targeted improvement process. At the same time, we increase our company value by strengthening our stakeholders’ and investors’ trust.”

Tobias Heine,
Head of Together4Integrity and Chief Integrity Officer at Volkswagen AG

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