Measure, benchmark and improve your organizational integrity

The GOII provides analyses and effective tools to measure and improve integrity.

We offer a comprehensive range of services revolving around the evaluation and perpetuation of integrity: The GOII provides an indication of organizational integrity, evidence based on facts, additional analyses regarding competitors and cross-industry best practices, and improvement measures. Gain an understanding of the change you implemented, the financial impact that change creates and share your progress with your stakeholders.

Our integrity solutions

Pre-Assess: Gain an indication where you stand

The pre-assessments we offer take the form of an Integrity Pre-Test, an Integrity Quick-Check and an Integrity Culture Audit, each of which allow you to gain an indication of your current organizational integrity.

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Measure: Get the evidence through facts

The measurement of organizational integrity is conducted in an innovative, holistic and comprehensive way. The Integrity Index® and the Integrity Perception Workshop® allow qualitative and quantitative insights into your organizational integrity. In addition, the Return on Integrity calculates the financial impact of your integrity investments.

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Compare: Go further with additional analyses

Optimally, the measurement of your organizational integrity should precede a comparison of your results with the results of other companies in your sector. Additional analyses allow us to benchmark your organization and identify pain points regarding the status quo of your organizational integrity.

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Improve: Take actions to improve

After measuring your organization’s integrity status and analyzing your gaps, an improvement process can be initiated. We offer full support during this change process whether it be conceptionally or operatively.

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Control: Monitor the change you created

All our tools allow for recurring assessments. Make your successes in the improvement process visible by monitoring the organizational integrity in your company. Compare all your results to prove the effectiveness of your improvement measures.

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Share: Share your progress

After successfully completing an Integrity Index assessment we can certify your level of integrity. Furthermore, we can execute a communication strategy to share your integrity efforts with your stakeholders. If desired, we will even list your company in our ranking.

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Intergrity Management

The GOII provides the strategic set-up, operational support, and general management of entire Integrity Management programs.

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Integrity Measurement

The GOII provides analyses and effective tools to measure and improve integrity.

Your needs – Detailed packages

Your Needs
Our Solutions
Your Needs


You want to gain an indication of your organizational integrity through a quick pre-assessment.

2-3 weeks
Our Solutions

Fast Pre-Assessments

Pre-test of selected dimensionsQuick check of all measuring pointsIntegrity Culture Audit

Your Needs

Measure and Compare

You want to gain a precise understanding of your organizational integrity and benchmark with your competitors.

2 months
Our Solutions

Evidence based measurements & analyses

Integrity Index® assessmentIntegrity Perception Workshop®Return on IntegrityBenchmarkingCompetitor analysisCross-industry best practices

Your Needs


You want to implement the right measures to close gaps at your own pace.

To be defined
Our Solutions

Customized improvements

Strategy derivationIntegrity Improvement ProcessImprovement workshops

Your Needs


You want evidence of improvements and effectiveness.

2 months
Our Solutions

Recurring measurement

Recurring Integrity Index® assessmentsRecurring Integrity Perception Workshops®Return on Integrity

Tracking of improvement activities

Your Needs


You want your internal and external stakeholders to be aware of your strengths and efforts regarding integrity.

In parallel
Our Solutions

Certification & communication

CertificationInternal communicationExternal communication

Get in touch with our integrity advisors

Our committed integrity experts are happy to provide you with an individual solution.

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