Migratory birds have an extraordinary internal compass that enables them to freely navigate entire continents. Similarly, individuals and organizations possess an inner compass – in this case: Integrity. Integrity means acting and behaving on the basis of ethical principles and values.

Migratory birds typically fly in swarms. The lead birds, that can be found at the tip of the swarm demonstrate the greatest strength and experience. The role of leadership is fundamental.

These days, integrity is more important than ever with regard to public perception and the expression of a global change in values, which shapes buying behavior, influences perceived employer attractiveness, and preoccupies investors. Integrity, in terms of an inner attitude, as a criterion for decision-making and as a basis for behavior, is increasingly becoming a critical success factor - but also a risk factor for organizations: Integrity is the license to operate. Furthermore, members of management are held as personally liable: Integrity is the management’s safety belt. Employees want to work for a company of integrity.